Fall of an Empire
Fall of an Empire

No empire lasts forever

Take control of a dying realm on the brink of collapse


Fall of an Empire is an inverse 4X game - beginning as the powerful ruler of an enormous domain, you'll have to defend it as long as possible against existential threats.
Your fall is prophecied, and the empire's end is inevitable.

Rule a vast world

As emperor you will have to manage the twelve provinces of your empire, with a total of almost one hundred and fifty settlements and four million citizens. Do you have what it takes to keep your empire and its people in line?

In-depth battle system

Bolster your armies in the strategic view and deploy them in battle with a unique tactical system. Command both your empire and your armies in real-time.

Expansive storyline

Each of your governors has their own goals, wants and needs. You'll have to play them off against each other to keep the balance of power in your favour. However, your own vassals are not your only problem - barbarians stir at the borders and there are whispers of the return of long-forgotten pagan practices...

The world of Fall of an Empire

Tap on the map for information about each province.

Fall of an Empire Game Map

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Fall of an Empire


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